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TDLAS and QF analyzers

Proven technology for concentration measurement in gas

Product picture of a TDLAS gas analyzer in an enclosure at an oil refinery

TDLAS analyzers utilize a laser absorption spectroscopy technique to reliably measure the concentration of analytes (H2O, H2S, CO2, NH3, and C2H2) in process gas streams. Similarly, quenched florescence (QF) analyzers measure oxygen from trace to percent levels in gas streams. These optical techniques have revolutionized online gas analysis for quality control and process control while reducing operational costs and maximizing process uptime. To learn more, explore our product offerings below.

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TDLAS and QF analyzers

Our product finder helps you to find the right analyzer for your gas concentration measurement needs.

Quenched fluorescence: O2 Measurements for gas applications

No competing system measures oxygen in natural gas better and faster than our OXY5500 analyzer. They are demonstrably faster, more accurate, more stable, immune to H2S and other contaminants, and require very little maintenance.

TDLAS: Accurate and reliable gas concentration analysis

Our portfolio of TDLAS analyzers enable on-line, real-time measurement of H2O, H2S, CO2, NH3, and C2H2 in natural gas pipelines, natural gas processing and LNG plants, refineries, and petrochemical processes. Our expertise in this field is underscored by our extensive portfolio of patents.

Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS)

Detecting and measuring the concentration of analyte molecules in process gas streams is critical to meeting quality standards and preventing contamination. Our TDLAS design allows measurements to be performed with zero contact between the process gas sample and critical analyzer components. The non-contact nature of the measurement protects the analyzer, enables rapid response and reliable measurements over long time periods, and eliminates the need for recalibration and constant maintenance.

Quenched fluorescence (QF)

Quenched fluorescence (QF) or fluorescence quenching technology is a reliable method to measure O2 levels in natural gas. Unlike galvanic cells typically used for trace O2 measurement, QF is practically immune to high levels of H2S, CO2, and H2O present in natural gas.


  • No interference: Not affected by H2S or other sulfurs
  • Real-time results: Fast and continuous measurement with excellent
    long-term stability
  • Easy to operate: No moving parts, simple operation
  • Low operational costs: No consumable chemicals
  • Exceptional metrology: Low ppmv measurements with high precision