Water hardness analyzer
Liquiline System CA80HA

Liquiline System CA80HA - Water hardness analyzer for drinking water, process water ©Endress+Hauser
Liquiline System CA80HA water hardness analyzer with cooling for extended reagent lifetime ©Endress+Hauser

Colorimetric system for online monitoring of drinking water and process water

Liquiline System CA80HA offers precise online analysis of water hardness in drinking water and process water. It helps you optimize the control of water softening processes such as ion exchange or reverse osmosis and ensures optimal quality of products that are influenced by water hardness. The analyzer's automatic calibration and cleaning and its low reagent consumption reduce operating costs while advanced diagnostics with remote access ensure consistent process safety.

  • Fordeler

    • The water hardness analyzer uses the phthalein purple method, ensuring direct comparability to lab results

    • Fast commissioning with plug & play thanks to Memosens technology and user-friendly operation

    • Reduces operating costs thanks to automatic...

  • Bruksområde

    Liquiline System CA80HA supports you in monitoring total water hardness:

    • To optimize reverse osmosis and ion exchanger systems

    • To classify water hardness in drinking water

    • To ensure process water quality in production plants

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